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The Thread Method booklet

The Thread Method

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In 2000, Craig Harris began a journey through his bible that has developed into a daily discipline that he literally schedules on a regular basis.† Dissatisfied with, both his bible knowledge (a man who was raised in the church and, in fact, knew a great deal of scripture) and his ability to discern whether he was sensing Godís direction or last nightís spaghetti, he decided to give God a better opportunity to get through his thick skull and work with his wandering heart.†

The Thread Method is the practical result of that journey.† It is not a booklet about the journey, it is not a booklet that will become a best seller because people just love the is a booklet pointing the reader to scripture and a discipline in their devotional life.† In Craigís words, ďthe booklet isnít about itself, it is about the readerís relationship with God...thatís where the real story is.Ē

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