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Agreeing With God

Nancy Harris has written a series of pamphlets, to help the believer gain confidence, through scriptural support, that they are agreeing with God.† These are not far-fetched ideas, but basic Biblical truths that allow us to know that we are praying, and acting in agreement with God.† The first of the series, as we have displayed here, is Agreeing With God: Praying for those who need salvation.

These Pamphlets are available, free of charge.† We only ask that if you order one and copy it, that you too, distribute the material at no charge.† This is a tool to help people live with confidence that they are living in line with Godís according to the truth of the Scripture.

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Pamphlet Series

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Agreeing With GodóPamphlets

1. Praying for those who need salvation

2. Praying for my needs

3. Attending Church

4. Disciplining Children

5. Advancing my career

6. My work ethic

7. Giving my money

8. Giving my time

9. Dealing with fear

10. Sharing my testimony