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Here are a few of the original songs, written and performed by members of Craig Harris and Refinerís Fire.† All songs are $1 per copy.† We are working on getting electronic copies available through PDF format soon.

Original Music from Refinerís Fire

By far, this is the most requested worship song that Craig Harris has ever written.† Based on the scriptural name of Jesus, these truths and the beautiful melody bring congregations to the throne room time and time again.

Music comes in 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, easy for music stands.

Lord of Glory

A fast moving Gospel style anthem.† Great for cranking up the congregation with truth and motivating our spirits to live in obedience.

Orders will ship within 24 hours of placement.

Victory March

Nancy Harris penned the lyrics to this powerful song of worship.† Restorer has been the flagship song of Refinerís Fire since it was written in 1997.

Permission to copy this music can be gained easily by calling MALKRDB.† We have a notarized certificate that gives your group permission to copy the music according to your needs, once you have purchased the original.† No need for a copyright licensing service with songs by Refinerís Fire.

Restorer Of My Soul

ďIf you can put your past behind you and follow me instead, you will find that I have everything you need.Ē

How can anyone refuse Jesus?† Great up tempo song that goes well with any kind of style.

Churches buying for music program need only buy 1 copy.