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These are current projects that are scheduled for release through Jun of 2013, if the Lord tarries.

Craig Harris takes a look at the ways we use Godís name to try and approve or bolster our actions.† He also looks at the ways that God wants us to use His name freely.† A great study in Biblical truth brought down to a practical day by day level.

Nancy Harris has compiled some of her more inspiring and thought provoking journeys in The Thread Method and compiled them to share with you.† Cost $5

Samson is one of the most tragic and yet inspiring stories of Godís patience and love in the entire Old Testament.† He had it all, lost it all, but gained eternity through his repentance and belief that God could still empower him one last time.† Craig Harris examines the story and shares the truths that he has learned

Weíve got a whole list of Refinerís Fire music that we are working to put into print and then let you access them.† The next batch will all be in PDF format and printed form to mail to you.† Whichever you prefer.

Nancy Harris looks at what we do while we are in the middle period of a crisis.† We hear about the outset of the crisis, we hear about the resolution, but what about in the meantime?

The God Clause

More Refinerís Fire Music

Samson: This Life Isnít All Itís Cracked Up To Be

Heart Strings

In The Meantime

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Scheduled release date February 2014

Scheduled release date June 2014

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Scheduled release date for next batch March 2014

Scheduled release date September 2014

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